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Authentic Vojvodina cuisine

It is all about a wordplay with 2 answers.

In Serbian, ‘veliki’ means both large and great. In our case, ‘veliki’ means great, as in Alexander the Great. Similar to Russian where ‘veliki’ means great and bolshoi stands for large, as in Peter the Great and Bolshoi Theater.

Our slogan is “Big Heart Equals Great Service”

We will endeavor to be both great and exceptional!


How did we come up with all of this…

Novi Sad is a multi-cultural metropolis, and our restaurant is a gathering place for urban people. This concept is explained by both cultural and historical facts.

It is commonly considered that Vojvodinian, i.e.”Lala”, is a chubby man with mustaches dressed in traditional folk costume( white baggy shirt and trousers, with black waistcoat and hat), and Vojvodina’s households are farms with chequered tablecloths. Urban Vojvodina and its city lifestyle are somehow forgotten.

We wish to rekindle this memory. Our food entwines the cuisines of Germany  (Austria), Hungary, Slovakia and naturally Serbia, as well as the gastronomy of other ethnic communities that have been living in this region for centuries.

Historical facts

Our 19th century building is protected by the institute for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Novi Sad and has the status of historic and cultural landmark. Although it was reconstructed in 1998. with appealing and modern interior, it preserved its original external features.

Located in the old downtown, this historic structure has its own landmark – an old corner stone, integrated in 1801. According to the Institute for Cultural Heritage Conservation of Novi Sad, this is the oldest corner stone in Novi Sad.


Recycling concept design represents reuse of elements of old buildings by emphasizing their appeal through a process of embellishment, preservation and reusability. All elements of original building construction from 1801. were utilized in the interior design.

The ceiling is not boarded but made of beams used as floor joists. They were brought from Bavaria in 19th century.
The beams were leveled to give the ceiling a flat surface. Additional steel beam and a few concrete girders were used to connect and reinforce the building construction.


  • Stuffed zucchini with chopped chicken and dried cranberries
    840 rsd
  • Pork fillet with kale
    990 rsd
  • Schnitzel made in "Hunter’s" sauce
    840 rsd
  • Smoked trout with couscous and grilled vegetables
    1250 rsd
    (fasting meal)
  • Grilled cheese with seasonal vegetables
    750 rsd
  • Salad with pumpkin
    540 rsd
  • Salad with smoked trout
    1100 rsd
  • Pumpkin tart
    320 rsd
  • Fried eggs
    295 din
    With cheese and bacon
  • Omelet
    170 din
  • Ham omelet
    280 din
  • Cheese Omelet
    250 din
  • Vegetable omelet
    240 din
  • Oat breakfast with fruit
    350 din


  • Vitamin salad
    455 din
    Three types of lettuce, sweetcorn, rocket salad, spinach, carrot, red pepper, seeds, croutons, dressing and cheese
  • Chicken salad
    510 din
    Three types of lettuce, sweetcorn, rocket salad, spinach, carrot, red pepper, seeds, croutons, dressing and chicken
  • Spinach salad "VELIKI"
    350 din
    with mushrooms, mayonnaise and croutons
  • Hearty beetroot and goat cheese salad
    480 din
    grilled beetroot, goat cheese and walnut salad served with an assortment of lettuce
  • Chicken liver salad
    370 din
    fried chicken liver with onions and an assortment of lettuce


  • Soup
    260 din
  • Cream soup of the day
    260 din


  • Vojvodina Meze
    890 din
    selection of meat and homemade cheese delicacies
  • Vojvodina bruscetti
    350 din
    homemade bread with different spreads
  • Vojvodina deli meat platter
    520 din
    ham, homemade sausage, smoked pork fillet, bacon, brown-meat jelly and pork liver
  • Homemade cheese platter
    460 din
  • Vegeterian platter
    390 din
    Variety of vegetarian side dishes
  • Vegetable gratin
    350 din
    gratin of various vegetables with  cheese and cream; preparation 15-20 min


  • Homemade pasta with chicken
    530 din
    cheese and vegetables
  • Homemade pasta with steak
    980 din
    mushrooms, leek & neutral cream
  • Homemade pasta with seasonal vegetables
    390 din
  • Homemade pasta
    470 din
    with cheese & vegetables
  • Homemade pasta
    490 din
    with cheese and bacon
  • Homemade pasta
    450 din
    with cheese
  • Homemade pasta
    390 din
    with poppy seeds
  • Grenadiers March
    350 din
    Homemade pasta with potatoes and onions
  • Štrukli
    350 din
    traditional dough stuffed with cheese, topped with cooking cream, oven baked.
  • Sweet dumplings with cheese
    370 din
  • Sweet dumplings with poppy seeds
    370 din
  • Sweet dumplings with breadcrumbs and sugar
    340 din
  • Sweet dumplings with plums
    350 din
  • "Hortobađi" style pork roast
    750 din
    in the spicy sauce with homemade dumplings
  • Banat’s meatballs with tomato sauce and stewed potatoes
    490 din
    minced pork with homemade tomato sauce and stewed potatoes
  • Chilli Slovak sausage
    920 din
    with braised cabbage and cheese polenta
  • Debrecen sausage
    920 din
    with braised cabbage and cheese polenta
  • Slovak & Debrecen sausage
    920 din
    with braised cabbage and cheese polenta
  • Beef in gravy
    750 din
    with zucchini stew & roasted potatoes
  • Beef stew (Perkelt)
    750 din
    with large homemade dumplings
  • Steak "veliki" 300 g
    2450 din
    on toast with fried egg, served with potatoes and aromatic sauce dressing
  • Fried goat cheese with vegetables
    750 din
    fried cheese in cornflakes with different vegetables
  • Vegetarian rice "Pilaf "
    350 din


  • Potatoes
    165 din
  • Grilled vegetables
    260 din
  • Jacked potatoes
    165 din
  • Onion rings
    350 din
  • Stewed peaches
    190 din
  • Cauliflower with smoked cheese sauce
    420 din
  • Cheese polenta
    180 din
  • Braised carrots
    180 din
  • Potato pancake "RÖSTI"
    195 din


  • Red cabbage salad
    220 din
  • Tomato salad
    240 din
  • Cucumber salad
    240 din
  • Mix salad with fresh cheese
    270 din
  • Beetroot, carrots, celery, apples and walnut salad
    250 din
  • Three types of lettuce with croutons and seeds
    220 din
  • Roasted peppers
    240 din
  • Roasted chilli peppers
    150 din
  • Chilli peppers
    140 din


  • Sacher cake
    390 din
  • Fudge brownie “VELIKI”
    350 din
    with vanilla ice cream
  • Schnee-Nockerl
    220 din
  • Somlói Galuska
    340 din
  • Oven baked pancakes
    260 din
    filled with cheese and vanilla sauce
  • Vanilla and custard cream cake dessert
    250 din
  • Kaiserschmarrn
    390 din
    fluffy shredded pancake (please call in advance to order)
  • Fruit platter
    240 din
  • Prekomurska "gibanica" (pie)
    390 din
    Four-layer cake with apple, cheese, walnuts and poppy seeds
  • Warm apple pie
    290 din
    with vanilla ice cream
  • Käsekuchen - cheesecake
    310 din
    with fruit sauce
  • A refreshing cream dessert
    390 din
    in glass with granola
  • Chestnut puree
    290 din
    with whipped cream


Also called Fingernudeln (finger noodles), is the name of a type of dumpling or thick noodle in southern German and Austrian cuisine, similar to the more internationally familiar Italian gnocchi. Schupfnudels are traditionally given their distinctive shape similar to an elongated rugby ball.

In our restaurant they are served as a savory dish with cheese and breadcrumbs and as a sweet dish with breadcrumbs and sugar or poppy seeds and sugar.


Recipes similar to that of the Sachertorte officially  appeared in 1832, when Prince Wenzel von Metternich ordered his personal chef to create a special dessert for several important guests.

The head chef was ill and let the task fall to his sixteen-year-old apprentice, Franz Sacher…

Find out the rest of the story at our restaurant

we are waiting for you.


”Dumplings from Somlo”, is a decadent Hungarian trifle, made with three different-flavored sponge cakes, vanilla pastry cream, rum and chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

The trifle originates from the north-west region of Hungary called Somlo, well-known for its extinct volcano and large vineyards.


Various meetings organisations

We organize celebrations, parties, various gatherings, and in the conference room above us different kinds of seminars.


Whether you are preparing birthday celebrations, anniversaries, seminars, business breakfast… Restaurant “Veliki” offers you delicious catering snacks.

We will deliver culinary memories at your place.

Special Offer

Each day we serve buffet breakfast for 490 Rsd / person. Filter coffee, tea, yogurt, juices, and milk are included in the price.
All our guests can enjoy hearty breakfast from 8 h to 11 h.


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